Suosion huipulla aina vaan porskuttavan Itävallan sato on saatu purkkiin ja kaikki saatiin valmiiksi huomattavasti normaalista etuajassa. Poiminta aloitettiin paikoin kuukautta tavallista aikaisemmin ja useat tämän vuoden valkoviinit ovat jo tai tulevat pian markkinoille.
Kylmä talvi vahingoitti joitakin tarhoja, mutta kaikkiaan kasvukaudesta tuli normaali lämpimän kevään avustuksella. Kesä oli lämmin ja pitkä, mikä auttoi rypäleet optimikypsyyteen. Heike Heinrich onkin todennut, että sadonkorjuu oli rennoin ikinä, eikä hometaudeistakaan ollut vaivaa.
Ohessa muutaman huipputuottajan täsmällisemmät tiedot tästä kaudesta:

Gernot Heinrich and his crew started as early as August 30th this year with picking some of the early-ripeners such as Zweigelt and St. Laurent; Pinot Noir followed shortly thereafter and tasting the pre-fermenting juice of this fickle grape showed perfumed aromatics of red berries and lots of delicacy. The grapes from the Leithaberg vineyards were picked later and the harvest came to an end on October 6. Apart from some spring frosts in May in the vineyards around Gols, Gernot and his crew were extremely happy with this year’s ripening phases as well as the harvest. A high physiological ripeness as well as a loose berry structure were the result in the end.

The wines in Fred Loimer’s cellar are fermenting well and due to starting and ending the harvest practically a month earlier than in a normal year, some 2011s will still be released before Christmas. For Fred, the only issue in 2011 seemed to be the dryness for some of the younger vines. With an overall precipitation from January to September of 300mm, the roots had to search deep in order to get enough water.

Fritz Wieninger has had another challenging year behind him. Not that another hail storm came over his precious Nussberg vineyards but this time, the construction work for his new press house and cellar facilities severely damaged the historical, 300-year old maturation cellar as it partially collapsed and put the building work on hold. While he had hoped to be completed with the new buildings before the harvest, Fritz had to use all his improvisation skills as he could only partially use the new facilities. All the wines, however, were pressed there and this was already a luxury for Fritz as he now uses two presses instead of one, giving him a lot more flexibility.

In Gamlitz, the harvest started on Sep 10th in Willi Sattler’s vineyards and the vintage itself will be remembered by lots of sunshine and favourable temperature and precipitation conditions. Fortunately, only few vineyards were affected by hail and most of the sites yielded outstanding quality. Therefore, Willi and Maria’s team did not have much to sort out and their oldest son, Andreas, was already conducting the cellar work under the auspices of his father. The new generation is coming afore!

As it looks for now, 2011 will bring wines with a more balanced acidity than 2010 and a very approachable fruit character but as always, it is still too early to see the real face behind the wines just now.

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